Day4 – Final Day and the wind really rocked

And so with the clouds came the serious wind!

A full report coming up…, but it was smiles all around. Amazing prizes, great people, fun times.

Here are the Official Results:

Men’s course race:
1) Kurt Schmelzer
2) Hudson Cumings
3) Brad Gilmour
4) Steffen Begere
5) William Tyson
6) Bruce Hough

Woman’s Race:
1) Michelle Smith
2) Jackie Gilmour
3) Natasha Haller

Waves Pro:
1) Anthony Berzak
2) Hudson Cumings
3) Michelle Smith

Freestyle Pro:
1) Kurt Schmelzer
2) Bruce Hough
3) Brad Gilmour

Amateur Freestyle (Prizes donated by Afrikites):

1) Dale Mcain (Xenon Twintip)
2) Natasha Haller (Underwave Harness)
3) Manuele Zanuta (Board Bag)

A big Thank you again to our Main sponsor Peter Lynn Kiteboarding and to the other cash sponsors Cannon Rocks Holiday Resort, Cannon Rocks Homebuilders, Pam Golding.

Special Thank you prizes to Cristo, Maverick, Dewald, Kristin, Melissa, and Tania for Helping out.
Good times!