Cannon Rocks Kiteboarding Classic

Important Announcements:

Sadly, the Cannon Rocks Kiteboarding Classic had to be put on hold. The sand dune has finally taken over the car park and the local authorities are reluctant to do anything to clear it. Without a venue, we cannot run the Cannon Rocks Kiteboarding Classic in the way it has been run in the past.

The Cannon Rocks Kiteboarding Classic

2016 video: The Drone Edit thanks to Caelum Technologies

We set out to deliver a professionally run event giving space to Pros and Amateurs to both compete and have fun.

Cannon Rocks, being a perfect natural location for such an event, becomes the stage for spectacular antics on and off the water. The remoteness of the location helps bring everyone together.
Since 2011, it has always delivered a great competitive platform but also an amazing spirit of camaraderie amongst all present.

With incredible support from local sponsors and suppliers, it truly has a unique vibe. This of course takes nothing away from the competitive nature of the event with all of South Africa’s top riders making the trip and some coming from beyond our borders.

Cannon Rocks Kiteboarding Classic

Take a look around the site and check out the gallery .

We also have a collection of videos from past event giving you a glimpse of what it is all about. The action, the wind, the people the good times.

If you want more information on Cannon Rocks, please visit the cannon rocks website: here

A proudly “green” event totally committed to the present drive to turn Cannon Rocks into an eco flagship for the region and South Africa