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Final Report

Cannon Rocks Kiteboarding Classic 2016

The Cannon Rocks Kiteboarding Classic 2016 report

In the face of adversity, the 2016 Cannon Rocks Kiteboarding Classic  came through with flying colours. This thanks to Cannon Rocks delivering 3 days of awesome conditions.

In actual fact the contest, due to the efficient running schedule, and the wind, was done and dusted in the first two days.
That left us with a spare day to do prize giving and to all go out and have an awesome social and not too competitive kiteboarding session.

The festivities already started the day before the event with a strong Easterly wind.  The Cape Town visitors got a worthy Cannon Rocks welcome.

Cannon Rocks, being off the beaten track, always drives the contestants to hang out together and nurture friendships whatever their level or age. This year was no exception. And so the usual “feel good” vibe permeated the event from the beginning to the end.



The first day saw the contest changed due to the conditions to Hang time and Big air. With gusts above 30 knots, everyone threw their biggest moves and attempted to stay in the air for as long as possible. Some spectacular jumps and crashes.

There was some impressive ” air time”  both from the Amateur and the pros. Some of the bigger jumps came in the semis, with the 7 second mark being surpassed a few times.

In the pro division, Hang time was convincingly taken by Josh Emanuel.  Lanral Ruddock came in second place and Jason van der Spuy in third.
In the Big Air due to a split decision, a joint first was given to Josh Emanuel and Ross Dillon with Jason van der Spuy coming in 3rd.

The big air saw great commitment from everybody including the ladies with Sjoukje Bredenkamp going big and even throwing a back roll kite loop in and taking the lead from Michelle Sky Kiteboarding and Emmie-Reike Brase.

The Amateur division was a show down between Bruce Hough, Steffen Begere and Daryn Du preez in both Hangtime and Big air. with Bruce taking both wins.

Check out the pics for day 1


With lighter winds on day 2, Wave riding and Freestyle were scheduled,

The Wave event saw a final between previous winners Anthony Berzack, Colin Heckroodt and Josh Emanuel
With some great wave selection Josh pushed ahead on points to take another win.

The Ladies was taken by Michelle Hayward.

In the Freestyle, Jason van der Spuy took a commanding lead with Josh and Dillon battling it out for second place

The strong current played havoc with the Amateur final ( the last heat of the day) with some having a hard time staying upwind and ending up outside the contest area.
But by 16h00 all heats were completed.

Check out the pics for Day 2

See all the results here for the Cannon Rocks Kiteboarding Classic

A big Thank you to our main Cash sponsors: Peter Lynn Kiteboarding and

Our smaller cash sponsors:

Cannon Rocks Holiday Resort
Pam Golding
Cannon Rocks Homebuilders

And our suppliers:

Caelum Technologies
Geological and Technical
Cannon plant and tool hire
Roes Restaurant

A special thank you to the team: Natasha Haller for the assistance, Christo Zietsman for the media, Shaun Johannes for the flags, Anthony Berzack for the judging assistance, Dewald Dejager, Maverick deBeer, Dane Cox, Jim Pomroy from the ratepayers Association, Roes Restaurant for the use of the ablution and electricity and everyone else who lent a hand.

And that is a wrap from the Cannon Rocks Kiteboarding Classic team

Cannon Rocks Kiteboarding Classic 2016 – Results

After two days of good winds, we have the final results for the Cannon Rocks Kiteboarding Classic 2016:

Ladies Hangtime

1.Sjoukje Bredenkamp
2.Mareike Brase
3.Michelle Hayward
4.Natasha Haller


Men’s Amateurs Hangtime

1.Bruce Hough
2.Stefen Begere
3.Darryn Du Preez


Men’s Pro Hangtime

1.Joshua Emmanuel
2.Lanral Ruddock
3.Jason Van Der Spuy
4.Ross Dillon

Men’s Pro Big Air

1.Joshua Emmanuel
1.Ross Dillon
3.Jason Van Der Spuy
4.Lanral Ruddock

Men’s Amateurs Big Air

1. Bruce Hough
2.Stefen Begere
3.Jovan Wright

Ladies Waveriding

1.Michelle Hayward
2.Mareike Brase
3.Natasha Haller

Mens Pro Waveriding

1Joshua Emmanuel
2Anthony Berzack
3Collin Heckroodt

Ladies Pro Freestyle

1.Sjoukje Bredenkamp
2.Michelle Hayward
3.Mareike Brase

Men’s Amateur Freestyle

1.Bruce Hough
2.Darryn Du Preez
3.Jovan Wright
3Dave Scott

Men’s Pro Freestyle

1.Jason Van Der Spuy
2.Joshua Emmanuel
2.Ross Dillon

Ready Steady Go! 6 – 8 of October 2016


It’s Official! The Cannon Rocks Kiteboarding Classic 2016 is on!

We have been hard at work making sure that all the bits are in place to make this a success. With 5 years behind us, we feel confident that we are more than capable of delivering a top class event.

We will once again be splitting the riders into pros and Amateurs with some spot prizes thrown in.

We are still hunting for some sponsors. If you would like to get involved, contact Natasha Haller 072 728 1852 or send an email to

The Cannon Kiteboarding Classic Team

Cannon Rocks Kiteboarding Classic 2015 Report


The Cannon Rocks Kiteboarding Classic 2015 set itself up to be different from past edition in some ways. The partnering up with the South African Kitesurfing Association meant that the format would change slightly and that the stakes were slightly higher. However we were committed  to having a warm fuzzy feeling at the end of the 3 days.  We did’t get disappointed, once again, the result was a rocking event filled with great people.

In the two days leading up to the event, various participants started arriving in little Cannon Rocks. Some of them got lost, some took the long way, but everyone got there. No wind to hurry in, but a great little surf session before a get together at the Cannon Rocks Holiday resort for pre contest festivities.



Day one was a light wind forecast. Most of the morning was dedicated to setting up the contest area with flags and the Peter Lynn tent. The rest of the Port Elizabeth crew arrived just in time for the late registrations. It was a great beach day but not for kiting, the wind never broke through the 10 knot barrier.

Day 2 had a good East wind prediction. By 11 am, the first heats went up.
Thanks to Head judge Olaf van Tol’s organised system, we quickly completed many heats and got through to the Freestyle finals in the Men and Female Amateurs, Junior Pros, males Pros  and Female Pros. The conditions stayed perfect the whole day. The easterly never got out of control (it can at that time of the year) and the tide also played along nicely leaving enough water for riders to throw down right in front of the judges tower.

Some of he heats were really close and required judge deliberation to choose a clear winner.

By 11 am the solar powered Genergy showers was supplying nice hot showers to the contestants.

By the end of day 2 possible winners for worst crash of the event had already been singled out…

The evening of day 2 was again spent around a fire with contestants sharing their stories and drinks. The evening was briefly interrupted by a Westerly gale announcing the next day’s situation.

Day 3 was firstly dedicated to wave riding. The conditions having done a 180 degree turn with wind from the opposite side, riders had to get used to the different tack and riding waves from right to left and also dealing with the current.

Being a pro division only, the wave riding heats were completed with ease and there was enough time to finish the contest with a Big air best trick contest for the Amateurs. This provided great entertainment for the spectators with spectacular crashes and also a clear winner for crash master award!

see Results

Prize giving was a fun friendly affair with all riders getting a lucky prize at the end of the day. Great to see all the wonderful prizes from Swing Kiteboarding making the riders super stocked.
Rocky, being the coolest beach dog ever got a special prize kindly donated by Cannon Rocks Homebuilders. But being the cool dog that he is, we had to convince him to take the yummy piece of biltong.

Special Rocky Prize
Special Rocky Prize

A massive thank you to our partner SAKA, who brought Price Check as their main sponsor.

To our other sponsors:

Primary Cash sponsor:
Peter Lynn

Small cash sponsors:

Cannon Rocks Holiday resort
Cannon Rocks Homebuilders
Pam Golding

Our suppliers:
Swing Kiteboarding
Xtreme Xcessories
Cannon Rocks tool hire.

Without you the event couldn’t happen.


A huge thank you to all the volunteers on the beach:

Natasha Haller: Assistant
Henry Smith: Beach Officer
Melissa Smith: Flag duty
Christo Zietsman: Media gatherer
Jon for the Jetski
And all the helpers: Hudson Cummings, Dane River Cox, Matt White, Steffanie,  and all the others that contributed.

With new and re-kindled friendships, the tone of the event remained that of a festival affair rather than a contest.
Of course much competitive spirit was brought along, but never to the detriment of the amazing vibe permeating the ‘classic’ over the 4 days. Having rescheduled the event from January to October, we expected less spectators, however, surprisingly the beach was always full with a constant flow of curious onlookers and locals adding to the excitement.

It looks like this format is a successful one and promises great things for the future.

Till the next one…

Cedric Vandenschrik,

Contest Organizer



Day 3 and Results

Day 3 started with sunny, then cloudy challenging conditions with a strong current running with the wind.


The Wave finals were run followed by a big air, big trick from the Amateurs.

The final results are as Follows:

Junior Pro Freestyle:
1.Aron Roslee
2.Jason van der Spuy
3.Ben Rootman

Junior Pro Waves:
1.Ben Rootman
2.Jason van der Spuy
3.Dane Lester


Ladies Pro Freestyle:
1.Simone Swanepoel
2.Amanda Rootman
3.Micelle Hayward

Ladies Pro Wave:
1.Amanda Rootman
2.Simone Swanepoel
3.Michelle Hayward


Men Pro Freestyle:
1.Luke McGillewie
2.James Hatting
3.Jonah Paarman

Men Pro Waves:
1.Luke McGillewie
2.Anthony Berzack
3.Hudson Cummings


Woman Amateurs:
1.Innes Ingham
2.Natasha Haller

Amateur Freestyle:
1.Jovan Wright
2.Mike Engelbrecht
3.Daryn du Preez

Amateur Senior wave:
1.David van der Spuy
2.Mike Engelbrecht

Amateur Big air best trick:
1.Mike Engelbrecht
2.Jovan Wright
3.Dewald de Jager


Biggest Crash: Daryn du Preez

Special Prize: Rocky the Cannon Rocks Beach dog.

See you next year!

Contest Organizer
Cedric Vandenschrik


Day 1 in pics

Registrations Open!

Ready for Registrations

Registrations for the Cannon Rocks Kiteboarding Classic 2015 have opened.

Because of the partnership with the South African Kitesurfing Association,  all riders will have to be SAKA members!

Register  for the Cannon Rocks Classic 2015 here


Pro Division: Registration R 400

  • Freestyle Men
  • Freestyle Woman
  • Wave Men
  • Wave woman
  • Freestyle Junior
  • Wave Junior

Amateur / Novice: Registration R 40 cash at the event(no Prize money) Condition dependent

  • Open Free ride
  • Slalom Race

Please fill out the form, you have the option of making payment either via Snap scan or EFT transfer.
All information to be found on the SAKA website.

The Event is Sanctioned and run by SAKA