Day 3 and Results

Day 3 started with sunny, then cloudy challenging conditions with a strong current running with the wind.


The Wave finals were run followed by a big air, big trick from the Amateurs.

The final results are as Follows:

Junior Pro Freestyle:
1.Aron Roslee
2.Jason van der Spuy
3.Ben Rootman

Junior Pro Waves:
1.Ben Rootman
2.Jason van der Spuy
3.Dane Lester


Ladies Pro Freestyle:
1.Simone Swanepoel
2.Amanda Rootman
3.Micelle Hayward

Ladies Pro Wave:
1.Amanda Rootman
2.Simone Swanepoel
3.Michelle Hayward


Men Pro Freestyle:
1.Luke McGillewie
2.James Hatting
3.Jonah Paarman

Men Pro Waves:
1.Luke McGillewie
2.Anthony Berzack
3.Hudson Cummings


Woman Amateurs:
1.Innes Ingham
2.Natasha Haller

Amateur Freestyle:
1.Jovan Wright
2.Mike Engelbrecht
3.Daryn du Preez

Amateur Senior wave:
1.David van der Spuy
2.Mike Engelbrecht

Amateur Big air best trick:
1.Mike Engelbrecht
2.Jovan Wright
3.Dewald de Jager


Biggest Crash: Daryn du Preez

Special Prize: Rocky the Cannon Rocks Beach dog.

See you next year!

Contest Organizer
Cedric Vandenschrik