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3- 5 October 2015, It’s on!!

2013-01-04 12.38.58It is with great excitement that I can announce a date for the Cannon Rocks Kiteboarding Classic 2015.

The event will run from the 3rd to the 5th of October. The Contest, in partnership with the South African Kitesurfing Association (SAKA) will be the first stop on the South African Kiteboarding tour.

There will be a pro division of freestyle and wave riding, as well as the much loved Amateur division.

We will be contacting potential sponsors in the next few weeks to make sure that this event is as exciting as it has been over the last 4 years.
Some sponsors have already Committed, watch out for the announcements.

If you are interested in getting onboard, contact us.


More details to follow,

Cedric Vandenschrik, Contest organizer.

Final report Cannon Rocks Kiteboarding Classic 2014

Brought to you by the Halyards Hotel
Main Cash sponsors: Wipronet, Peter Lynn
Small Cash Sponsors: AbsaCannon Rocks Home builders, Seef properties, Cannon Rocks Holiday Resort, Chunky MuesliAudi,
Suppliers: Thule, Rack ‘n Road, XS-Sports, Cannon Tool Hire, Mystic South Africa,  Kenton Travel, R-Evole, Yes Clothing, Honda Marine, Kitesports.

After a hard few months of preparation for the 2014 Cannon Rocks Kiteboarding Classic, the weather report looked perfect for an amazing event to take place. All the bits and pieces that “dress up” the otherwise very quiet Cannon Rocks beach where in place. On the morning of 2nd of January the grand stand and the tent went up, and riders started arriving  in time for our Launch party which took place in the evening at the main Kitebeach inside the Halyards Tent in Cannon Rocks. Formalities like registration and opening speeches left everyone  eager to see what day 1 would bring. Thanks for the food and drinks Halyards HotelIMG_0327web IMG_0333web   Day 1 Day 1 started with mist and a light breeze kicking in. However by 3pm there was enough wind to start running slalom races and get things going. This was perfect timing with the tide coming in and covering the rocks. We were able to run all slalom races successfully. The word spread quickly that the wind was up and soon  the beach was filled with spectators who had traveled from surrounding areas to come and be part of the vibe. Both Amateurs and pros enjoyed the near perfect conditions…

Oswald Smith dominated the men pro division. The Amateur race was neck  a neck with a surprise win by William Tyson.

William Tyson getting his prize for winning the Amateur Race
William Tyson getting his Chunky Muesli prize for winning the Amateur Race
Riders ready for the next heat
Riders ready for the next heat

Day 2 Prediction for day 2 were looking awesome, and once again Cannon Rocks did not disappoint! The only thing that got in the way was the low tide. Head Judge decided to run the wave riding division first with riders having to make their way over the flat rocks to get to the waves at the back. The heats were closely contented with some disappointments but also some surprise results. IMG_7081-(116)

Josh Emanuel ripping it up
Josh Emanuel ripping it up

IMG_7123-(156) In The Ladies, young Simone Swanepoel displayed some really good riding to edge ahead of Michelle Smith. IMG_1572web   With the action taking place right at the back line and with strengthening winds, the judges had to keep a focused eye on the action. By the time the men’s final was up, the riding was of the highest level and the judges’ job a difficult one. Oswald smith and Josh Emanuel seemed to pick the bigger better waves of the final whilst Anthony Berzack had long but smaller rides. Oswald Smith managed to  squeeze in front of Josh Emanuel (who got a nice little cover up) with some very powerful riding. But it was a really tight affair!

Josh and Oswald

With strengthening winds it was decided to changes to the rest of the program. The scheduled called for freestyle heats, but the wind had gotten strong, and with the event not being competition driven, it was decided that a hang time comp was to be run in its place. This format gave a chance to riders of all levels to go out there and have fun. But first it was decided to run a ladies expression session. Simone Swanepoel displayed some really aggressive riding but with the strong wind battled to land her tricks. Michelle on the other hand with her local knowledge and a 5m Swell demo Kite from Peter Lynn, managed to land all her tricks. This gave her the edge she needed to come out on top. The amateurs then took to the water with some spectacular jumps in the first few minutes. Conditions were just getting better and better.

Daryn du Preez Sending it

The intermediate riders went out and put on much of the same show with some radical airs but also the most spectacular wipe out of the contest. A skidding cartwheeling summersaulting crash by Stef Begere from Port Elizabeth who got the R 500 cash best wipe out prize from XS-Sports. By the time the pros went out, the wind was at its strongest and the crowds on the beach were in awe. Many of them enjoying the free Hotspot set up by Wipronet and sharing the images with their friends ( a first for Cannon Rocks). With jumps averaging 8 seconds it was decided to have a 3 man final with Josh Emanuel, Oswald Smith, Oscar Armstrong battling it out for placing. The longest jump of the contest was recorded in that heat with a 10.06 second which secured the top spot for Oswald Smith.

Oswald Smith in full flight
Oswald Smith in full flight

The heat finished with much excitement on the beach. Sadly Joshua who was still out there entertaining the large crowd that had gathered on the beach had an accident during a mega loop and crashed heavily snapping his board and also breaking the tibia Plateau (Head of the Tibia leg bone). Riders rushed to his help and he was transported to the Port Alfred Hospital. The contest was stopped after that unfortunate event and Organizers called for a skippers meeting at 10 am the next morning. We wish Joshua a full recovery in the briefest of times so we can have him back in the water where he belongs.

Ced presenting Josh with a piece of his broken board signed by the riders

IMG_3048 Day 3 started with too little wind to do anything, and with the Week – End ending and all results secured, Prize Giving was held at 3pm. In true Cannon Rocks style the wind did come through at 14h00 and most riders attended the closing ceremony in their wetsuits eager to get back to the water.

getting ready for prize giving

So another Cannon Rocks Classic has past us, and once again it was smothered in that warm friendly vibe that has been part of it from the start. Special Thank you to Tania Romagnoli, Henry Smith, Melissa Smith, Natasha Haller, Kevin and Lana Cummings, Piet van Rooyen, Kayla Macnamara, Mandy Thacker, and all the other people who helped out along the way in whatever small way. IMG_7158-(23)

Final Results for the Cannon Rocks Kiteboarding Classic 2014


After 3 days of action, the final results are out with some pics. Official report coming in a few days.

Pro Men Race

1. Oswald Smith
2.Oscar Armstrong
3.Anthony Berzack
4.Dylan Adriaans


Pro Men Wave

1.Oswald Smith
2.Josh Emanuel
3.Anthony Berzack


Pro Men Hangtime

1.Oswald Smith 10:06
2.Josh Emanuel 9:76
3.Oscar Armstrong 7:25


Amateur Race

1.William Tyson
2.Brad Gilmour
3.Daryn du Preez


Amateur Hangtime

1.Jovan Wright 5:56
2.Daryn du Preez 5:37
3.Lander Vincent 5:03
4.Pierre Wilkinson 5:00


Intermediate Hangtime

1.Bruce Hough 6:48
2.Neil Hayward 4:98
3.Eric Smulders 4:90


Ladies Race

1.Michelle Smith
2.Simone Swanepoel
3.Gill Smulders


Ladies Wave

1.Simone Swanepoel
2.Michelle Smith


Ladies Expression

1.Michelle Smith
2.Simone Swanepoel
3.Gill Smulders





2014 Schedule:

IMG_9742Schedule for the Cannon Rocks Kiteboarding Classic 2014:

2nd of January 7 pm: Registration and official opening of the 2014 Cannon Rocks Kiteboarding Classic. Drinks and snacks provided for riders.

3rd of January 9h00 am:  Late registration 9h30 first announcement.

Announcement will be posted on the website and Facebook / Twitter

We are on!






The 2014 Cannon Rocks Kiteboarding Classic

Brought to you by The Halyards Hotel


From the 3rd to the 6th of January 2014 the little sleepy village of Cannon Rocks in the Eastern Cape will once again become the epicenter of Kitesurfing for all of South Africa.

Some Internationals riders will also be making their way to the sunshine coast to participate in this event.
They will all be hoping for some of the awesome conditions Cannon Rocks is renowned for.
The contest, which is now in its 4th edition, has grown to a more “Festival” type of event. The kiteboarders taking center-stage will once again be displaying this amazing visual sport.  Within different categories, all riders of all levels will be able to show off their stuff and entertain the crowds.

The pro division will see Freestyle action, Wave Riding and Slalom Race taking place

Amateurs will be taking part in an expression session as well as a Slalom Race

Given the right conditions and entries, organizers hope to run a beginner body dragging race as well as a separate big air / megaloop show off session open to all with special prizes being set aside for that. This will be a spectacular show of high jumps and power riding that always proves popular with spectators.

The Cannon Rocks kiteboarding Classic is a flexible event which adapts to the conditions and the riders making sure everyone has a good time on the water and on the beach. Beach activities are planned for the days without wind, with Frisbee demonstrations, sandcastle building for the kids and volleyball all supplied by the Halyards Hotel.

A tent will be set up on the car park with music, food and refreshments on sale.

Stalls inside the tent will give the various sponsors the opportunity to display some of their products.


The sponsors

The Halyard hotel will once again be our major partner in this event supplying infrastructure and cash prizes.

Peter Lynn kite sports and newcomer Wipronet will be our main cash sponsors. Peter Lynn will also be demoing their new wave kite “The Swell”

Absa will once again be supporting the event as a cash sponsor.

Newcomers Audi and Chunky Muesli will be promoting their products at the event and sponsoring.

Great support by the local businesses with Cannon Rocks Holiday resort, Cannon Rocks Homebuilders, Seef Properties joining the event as cash sponsors.

Our suppliers enabling us to make the event special: XS- Sports, Cannon Plant and Tool Hire, Thule, Rack ‘n Road, Kenton Travel, Honda Marine.

And our Media Sponsor Talk of the Town
Entry fee is R 250

The Event will kick off with an opening function on Thursday the 2nd of January at 19h00 for riders and press at the Cannon Rocks kite beach inside the tent. Riders will have the opportunity to register and will be supplied with refreshments and snacks.

Late registrations can be done on the beach at 9h00 am on Friday the 3rd.

Stay up to date with the latest news visit

and on the facebook page: Cannon Rocks Kiteboarding classic and twitter feed crckiteboarding


The Cannon Rocks Kiteboarding classic team


Halyards to partner for the 2014 Cannon Rocks Kiteboarding Classic

The list of sponsors is growing Rapidly, and the 2014 edition of the Cannon Rocks Kiteboarding classic is setting up to be another cracker.

The Halyards Hotel will once again be our main partner. Setting up the marquee tent and supplying competitors and public entertainment should the wind be on the light side.

They will also be adding cash to the prizes.

The Halyards hotel will ensure that the event retains the class and efficiency of last year with a great deal of fun thrown in.


The “Red Bull Prize”

The Winner of the Red Bull Prize of an all expenses paid trip to the Red Bull King of the Air challenge in Cape Town was won by Bruce Hough.

IMG_4628 - Version 2

Bruce kindly shared his experience with us and sent in this report. thanks Bruce!

I would like to thank you, Cedric (Cannon Rocks Contest organizer) and P. (RED BULL) for the fantastic competition that you ran in January which has grown over the last three years and will hopefully continue to grow, and with the help of RED BULL I know this is possible. One of the great prizes that was up for grabs was an all expenses paid trip to go and watch the RED BULL KING OF THE AIR in Cape Town. I was so taken back when I heard that I was the winner of this great prize.

When the 1st of February came and I received my plane tickets. I was so amped I could hardly sleep. With my kites and a change of underwear packed I was ready to go.

Knowing I’m in PE I thought I would have a quick and painless airport experience. So u can imagine the surprise I had when I got to the airport and  it was jam packed at 7:00 am with soccer supporters.

After meeting up with P. things looked up again as he had already checked us in online, baggage check in was a breeze, and luckily no problems with the 20Kg of kiting equipment I had (can’t leave any kites behind).

Arriving in Cape Town RED BULL had arranged a hire car for us, so a minute to set the GPS for Big Bay and we where on our way. Cape Town isn’t as big I thought, it only took 25 minutes to get there, but it took another 25 minutes to find a parking.

With the wind starting to blow and the crowd starting to gather the scene was set for a great competition.

Receiving some awesome RED BULL gear and getting treated as one of the top riders in world, was one of the highlights of the trip.

Seeing the great conditions that was in front off me , I grabbed my gear and made my way down the beach ( just on the edge of the competition area) and had a great session.

While i was kiting I could here the commentators talking and saying that Robby Naish was gonna go out and give a show to the crowd during the break. Next  thing I new Robby had made his was down the beach and was giving me a show (feels great to be able to say that I kited with Robby Naish)


As the heats went on the wind got stronger and the jumps and mega loops got more insane

I couldn’t believe it when I saw Kevin langeree put up a 10m kite in 35- 40 knots. The guys were really starting to go big with the finals and jumps were getting as high as 25m and up to 250m long.

‘ I have to take my hat off ‘for the RED BULL guys for putting together an awesome event that couldn’t have gone any better. Iv seen that there is hell of a lot of stuff that needs to happen and be organized for a small comp like the Cannon Rocks Classic to run, so I can only imagine how much work goes into getting the biggest kite surfing comp in the world to run as perfectly as it did. BIG UP to RED BULL.


With the comp done and the after party starting with a few beers and enough pizzas and boerewors to feed an army. I managed to chat with a few of the guys that have inspired the way that I ride and try go big, and got a few helpfull tips I’m gonna try out in the water.


As the night went on, the early morning i had started to catch up with me and not even the huge amount of RED BULL  I had drunk during the day could keep  us going.  So we jumped in the car and made our way to the Hotel that were staying in.


The next day we had a nice sleep in and slowly made our way to the RED BULL head-office, where I was treated with the best bacon cheese and avo croissant for breakfast.

With that done we made our way back to the airport and back to reality of work.


Thanks again to RED BULL for such a awesome experience…

IMG_5760 - Version 2

Day 1 report – Cannon Rocks BLOWN OUT

It doesn’t happen often this time of the year, but when the gale comes…

After a great opening function at The Halyards Hotel, Expectations ran high for an eventful first day with some wild weather predicted.

Halyards Hotel opening Function

DSCF2224 DSCF2256  IMG_4903IMG_5052 IMG_5064


The team got busy and erected all the structures on the beach with tangible excitement in the air.

Frantic activity from early in the morning to get everything up, from Branding to sound system. Hot shower on the beach thanks to Genergy, and The Red Bull warm up area.

The day started off with a light building Westerly breeze and a huge crowd turn out at The Halyards Cannon Rocks Kiteboarding Classsic.

Colin Busting out some moves

We were able to run some of the men’s Freestyle heats and a brand new division called “Pimp my Kite” which is an intermediate division with some great prizes lined up. The conditions seemed perfect.IMG_5065

IMG_5075 IMG_5078 IMG_5138


Then the wind got stronger and stronger, reaching over 50 knots gusts at times. Some spectacular wipe outs at first and then some amazing jumps and freestyle by some of South Africa’s best.IMG_5096


By the evening big surf was moving in which makes for promising wave riding happening on the 2nd day of the contest.

Call time on the beach 8h30!