Day 1 report – Cannon Rocks BLOWN OUT

It doesn’t happen often this time of the year, but when the gale comes…

After a great opening function at The Halyards Hotel, Expectations ran high for an eventful first day with some wild weather predicted.

Halyards Hotel opening Function

DSCF2224 DSCF2256  IMG_4903IMG_5052 IMG_5064


The team got busy and erected all the structures on the beach with tangible excitement in the air.

Frantic activity from early in the morning to get everything up, from Branding to sound system. Hot shower on the beach thanks to Genergy, and The Red Bull warm up area.

The day started off with a light building Westerly breeze and a huge crowd turn out at The Halyards Cannon Rocks Kiteboarding Classsic.

Colin Busting out some moves

We were able to run some of the men’s Freestyle heats and a brand new division called “Pimp my Kite” which is an intermediate division with some great prizes lined up. The conditions seemed perfect.IMG_5065

IMG_5075 IMG_5078 IMG_5138


Then the wind got stronger and stronger, reaching over 50 knots gusts at times. Some spectacular wipe outs at first and then some amazing jumps and freestyle by some of South Africa’s best.IMG_5096


By the evening big surf was moving in which makes for promising wave riding happening on the 2nd day of the contest.

Call time on the beach 8h30!