Results and Final Day

IMG_6248 - Version 2
After a day of no wind, Cannon Rocks did it once more and delivered, out of nowhere, a final day of  25 knots conditions. One final magical ride for our visiting riders.

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Due to some constraints placed on the pro riders by another event, the Prize giving was held on the evening of the 5th to include as many participants as possible. The last day was dedicated to exhibition for the public that visited our beaches in search of some kite action. Everyone got in on the action.



Some more gear was tested and friendship cemented, and the legendary status of Cannon Rocks confirmed to all present on that last day.




Here are the results:

Men’s pro Freestyle:

1. Oswald Smith
2. Colin Heckroodt
3. Oscar Armstrong
4. Carl Ferreira

IMG_6474 - Version 2


Female’s Pro Freestyle:

1. Jalou Langeree
2. Michelle Smith

IMG_6464 - Version 2


Men’s Pro Wave riding:

1. Colin Heckroodt
2. Oswald Smith
3. Josh Emanuel
4. Anthony Berzack

IMG_6451 - Version 2


Female Pro Wave riding:

1. Jalou Langeree
2. Michelle Smith
3. Kristin Keppel

IMG_6436 - Version 2



Special OZONE Price for most promising Novice:

Carmen Gee

IMG_6508 - Version 2


Pimp My Kite (Intermediate) Freestyle:

1. Jourits Linders
2. Bruce Hough
3. Bradley Ford

IMG_6427 - Version 2


Novice Men Freestyle:

1. Neil Hayward
2. Ross Hassall
3. Smith Jordaan

IMG_6399 - Version 2

Ladies Novice Freestyle

1. Natasha Haller
2. Kristine Keppel
3. Carmen Gee

IMG_6410 - Version 2



Full report coming up and more pics to be uploaded.

The HCRKClassic 2013 Team